We can enhance your home's value by…

• updating the look– even the best design doesn’t stay current forever.

• incorporating energy efficient appliances & finishes into the design – saves you $.

• working with you on your kitchen and bath renovation.

• when selling we can stage/ visually merchandise your home to enhance it’s perceived value.

We can save you time, money and headaches by…

• preventing costly mistakes.

• utilizing our trained eye and a creative minds to devise solutions that you might never have imagined.

• alleviating the need for you to look for product and contractor resources- We have spent years developing our resources and team.

• sharing our color expertise with you.

• giving you a realistic view of the cost and time required for your project.

• helping you set priorities

• bringing us into the project early to avoid costly mistakes. We are experts in space planning and scale. “You don’t know what you don’t know”.

• using our knowledge about how specific products and finishes will perform.

utilizing our relationships and ability to effectively communicate with contractors and architects– we speak their language.

• keeping you informed on how changes will effect cost, schedule and final outcome.

• using our experience in resolving the inevitable challenges that come with design projects.

Here’s how we differ from our competitors

• Icon Designs has a great reputation within the industry.

• Collectively we have over 50 years of experience.

• We are a small firm therefore the principals can be more personally involved in your project.

• We are equally experienced in commercial and residential design.

• We can fine tune a room as well as give you a floor to ceiling make over.

• We can help you personalize your home by working with what you have.

• Your best interest is our first priority.

Allow yourself to be surprised and enjoy the process!

What can Icon Designs do for you?