The Company

Icon Designs  LLC was launched in 1998 by Sue Runge and Patricia White with the goal of bringing their design expertise and passion for aesthetic and functional spaces together to create this highly successful design firm. They pride them selves not only on their honesty and integrity but also on their ability to provide their clients with over 30 years of expertise and excellent service, which has gained them an outstanding reputation in the industry.

Whether designing a home or business, Icon Designs  LLC is aware that each space and environment has a direct effect on the way one lives and functions. Through a synergistic process with each client, Sue and Patricia work together to ensure the client's vision and desired aesthetic becomes a reality.

The function and the durability of the design are paramount as well and every step of the design process is given great attention to detail to ensure the desired outcome is achieved. Icon Designs  LLC is capable of producing "turnkey" projects and managing all aspects of a project from commencement to completion including schematic design, design development, drawings, bidding, construction management and installation.

Simply stated, the mission of Icon Designs  LLC is to utilize the expertise and ideas of both the designers as well as the client to provide an aesthetically pleasing and functional space for the end user.

About Icon​ Designs LLC